Nintendo Switch Launched – Costs $300 USD

It’s finally here … the Nintendo Switch. It’ll cost you USD $300 and will be available in March 2017.

“The Nintendo Switch will cost $300 when it hits store shelves (of the digital and physical variety) on March 3rd. Nintendo revealed the price and release date — we only had a release month previously — during its Switch live stream on the evening of Thursday, January 12th.


The Switch is Nintendo’s latest console, and it’s designed for both the living room and portable play. The Switch itself is a tablet-like device that has detachable controllers on either side; players can either set the screen up on a TV-connected dock for the living room, or take it out and use the gamepads as mobile controllers.

The gamepads, called Joy-Con controllers, connect to a main block to become a traditional gamepad (similar in style to the N64 controller) for living room play. Or, they can be used as individual motion controllers.”

Source: Engadget


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