迪士尼全新原創短片系列《優獸大都會+》2022年11月9日Disney+ 獨家上線! 迪士尼《優獸大都會》毛鬙鬙優獸市民返嚟喇!

The Godfather of the Bride – "Zootopia+" heads back to the fast-paced mammal metropolis of Zootopia in a short-form series that dives deeper into the lives of some of the Oscar®-winning feature film's most intriguing characters, including a tale about a powerful arctic shrew known as Mr. Big. The episode "The Godfather of the Bride," goes back in time to his days as Mr. Small, who discovers the important of friends, family and community after immigrating to Zootopia alongside his beloved mother. Directed by Josie Trinidad and Trent Correy, and produced by Nathan Curtis, "Zootopia+" streams on Disney+ beginning Nov. 9, 2022. © 2022 Disney. All Rights Reserved.






《優獸大都會+202211月9Disney+ 獨家上線


4大精彩要點  6個單元故事預覽



2016年上映的迪士尼《優獸大都會》(Zootopia),優獸市第一名兔仔女警朱迪(Judy Hopps)以及古惑狐狸阿力(Nick Wilde)聯手智破綿羊副市長咩小姐(Dawn Bellwether)陰謀,令觀眾明白刻板印象與固有觀念的可怕之處,更讓我們認識優獸市內一眾性格鮮明的毛鬙鬙市民。今年,一班優獸市民將會於迪士尼全新原創短片系列《優獸大都會+》(Zootopia+)與各位再次見面。《優獸大都會+》共6集,即將於2022119Disney+ 獨家上線!


  1. 迪士尼班底製作保證


  1. 叫好叫座《優獸大都會》番外篇

由華特迪士尼動畫製作室製作的第55部動畫長片《優獸大都會》,2016年上映時引起世界級熱潮,於全球勁收超過10億美元票房。除了得到觀眾們的高度讚賞,《優獸大都會》亦勇奪多項電影榮譽,包括奧斯卡金像獎最佳動畫長片金球獎最佳動畫,並獲提名英國電影學院獎最佳動畫片美國電影學會更將《優獸大都會》列入2016年十大最佳電影。這部深受大家喜愛的電影將以6集原創短片《優獸大都會+》延續,並在Disney+ 獨家上線。

  1. 你最喜愛的角色人物即再次登場  6個單元故事突破想像


  1. 金像得獎音樂製作人參與製作

憑《優獸大都會》、《超人特攻隊》、《職業特工隊》獲獎無數的金像得獎音樂製作人Michael Giacchion亦將參與其中,今次Michael將會為6個單元中的歌舞故事《Duke: The Musical》譜寫全新樂曲,喜愛音樂的你絕不能錯過!



回到故事最初,朱迪即將登上火車離開家人,向優獸市(Zootopia)進發,以第一隻警察兔仔之名一展抱負!朱迪父母朱媽(Bonnie)及 朱爸(Stu)淚流滿面送別女兒時,驚覺小女兒莫莉(Molly)原來也跳上火車!他們被迫離開舒適安全的農村,兔力全開,追趕飛馳中的火車,展開緊張刺激的營救行動!


Embracing all the dynamic camera work, intense music and high-speed tropes of the best action films, this exciting episode takes viewers on a fast-paced adventure from Bunnyburrow to the heart of Zootopia as Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) boards a train to begin her new life in the big city. As her parents, Bonnie and Stu (Bonnie Hunt and Don Lake), tearfully watch the train pull out of the station, they realize that their youngest daughter, Molly, is also on board the train. Once this discovery has been made, Bonnie and Stu leave the comforts and security of their home and high-tail it in hot pursuit of the speeding train and the stowaway Molly. It’s a daring and wild ride as the duo pull out all the stops, and engage in some fast and furious stunt driving, to keep up with the train and attempt to rescue their young daughter.



優獸大都會爆笑真人騷即將獨家上線!黑幫大佬教父(Mr.Big)的掌上明珠花花(Fru Fru)正與閨密興奮地籌備婚禮,兒時朋友珠珠(Tru Tru)突然出現搶走主角光環,更引發生死危機,令花花反思真正的友誼。到底誰是花花的「榮譽潑婦」(shrew of honor),她又能否完成夢想中的世紀婚禮?


“Zootopia+” offers its own distinct version of a reality show with this hilarious episode focusing on the upcoming wedding of Fru Fru (voiced by Leah Latham), daughter of Tundratown crime boss/head shrew, Mr. Big (Maurice LaMarche). As she goes about planning the wedding with her friends, Christine (Porsha Williams), Charisma (Crystal Kung Minkoff), and Brianca (Katie Lowes), the sudden arrival of her childhood friend, Tru Tru (Michelle Buteau), upends the meeting, and sets into motion a feud, a life-saving incident, and a moment of reflection. All’s well that ends well, as Fru Fru remembers the essence of friendship, picks her “shrew of honor,” and moves forward with the wedding of her dreams.



絕頂聰明的罪犯威大狼(Duke Weaselton) 希望以令人讚嘆的音樂劇,將騙子形象洗白,變成好人。於獻唱貫穿本集的歌曲《Big Time》時,他想像着自己變成不同的職人:二手車推銷員、律師、外科醫生、作家,甚至是金融才俊、石油大亨,愈想愈大想頭!憑着Michael Giacchino所作的曲、Elyssa Samsel 與 Kate Anderson寫的詞,配上傳統音樂劇和電影的燈光、舞台,有趣而奢華的風格,威大狼希望令大家對自己改觀。


Small-time weasel crook Duke Weaselton (Alan Tudyk) aims for the “big time” in this outrageous and fanciful musical episode that finds the career criminal rethinking his life and picturing himself as a good guy. He croons about setting things right, as he imagines choosing a variety of alternate paths and careers, including a used car salesman, a lawyer, a surgeon, an author, and even a financial genius (the “Weasel of Wall Street”). As an oil tycoon, he shoots for the moon, but comes crashing back to earth where he is confronted with his past proclivities. Set to an original song, “Big Time,” with music by Michael Giacchino and lyrics by Elyssa Samsel and Kate Anderson, this episode has fun with the lighting, staging and over-the-top extravagant style of traditional musical theater and film.





Mr. Big takes center stage in this homage to the crime family genre. As he prepares for his daughter’s wedding, he flashes back to the old country and his hard-scrabble, humble origins as an immigrant shrew. Life was hard for a small mammal in a big world, but with the acquisition of a bicycle, an attitude of never feeling small, and a little help from some unlikely friends, Mr. Big builds a family and finds his place in the world.  Imari Williams is heard as the voice of Rhino Boss.


為了贏取與超級巨星嘉西BB(Gazelle)同台共舞的機會,號稱全優獸市頭號粉絲的賓治(Benjamin Clawhauser)誠邀警局局長保哥(Chief Bogo)一同參加才藝選秀比賽節目《舞動優獸市》(SO YOU THINK YOU CAN PRANCE),但遭拒絕。在夢想即將破滅的一刻,賓治發現局長始終是他最強大的後盾。在歡樂與音樂中,見證夢想成真!


When it comes to mega pop-star singing sensation, Gazelle (Allison Trujillo-Strong), there is no bigger fan in all of Zootopia than Benjamin Clawhauser (Nate Torrence), the Police Department’s most charming cheetah. When Clawhauser hears about a chance to audition for the talent competition show, “So You Think You Can Prance,” with the winner getting a chance to be Gazelle’s back-up dancer, it becomes his latest obsession. His efforts to enlist Chief Bogo (Idris Elba) to be his dancing partner is met with resistance. Just when it seems that his dreams are about to be crushed, Clawhauser discovers that a Chief never leaves his back-up behind. This entertaining and music-filled episode proves that dreams can come true.




It’s 5:30 at a local Zootopia bistro, and Sam (Charlotte Nicdao), the Otter waiter, is looking to make a timely and hasty exit so that she can catch the Gazelle concert later that evening. All systems are go, and Sam is wrapping her last table, when Flash the Sloth (Raymond S. Persi) and his soon-to-be fiancée Priscilla (Kristen Bell) stroll in for dinner. The couple is not in any hurry, and Flash has a hidden agenda, as Sam tries to rush them along but sets off a series of disasters in the process. Will Sam make it to the concert on time? If you only see one Sloth rom-com this year, this is the one to catch.


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我們最近測試過的Arlo產品包括Arlo Essential (第2代) 無線影像門鐘以及Arlo Essential 2K 第二代室內無線攝影機,兩者都令我們印象深刻,特別是它們的鏡頭全都升級為2K,錄影時會更清楚,畫面更細緻。它們為我家提供了內外的保護,室內攝影機可以讓我看到家中的人和物件,提供 ...

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